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 ~Mala’s Made with ALOHA~

Traditional Indian Malas are made with the auspicious and significant number of 108 beads. These necklaces can be used for prayer, devotion, japa mala and meditation. When worn around the neck, the gemstones, crystals, sandalwood, rosewood and cedarwood beads can help energize and harmonize the various body systems and energy centers called Chakras. When wearing or using as prayer, malas are great reminders of what you are opening your heart and mind to in your life. The healing qualities of the stones provide energy protection, cleansing, healing, revitalization and rejuvenation. Read about your own special mala and the qualities that the gems are blessing your mind, body and spirit with.

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 Cleansing Mala:

When you receive your mala, just notice the beauty and the sparkles and know that you shine just as bright. Sometimes we forget our true light which is love, so the mala’s are great reminders of our magic and that Divine essence which is inside us. You can cleanse and energize your mala anytime by burning sage or incense and wafting it over your mala. You can also lay it out under the sun or under the light of a full moon. Every bead and crystal on the mala has been cleansed & empowered with Hawaiian ocean water, hot sun and full moon energy. Every mala bead has been placed on the satin string with blessings of light, love, health and happiness.

Making Intention:

When you receive your mala, take some personal time to start to reflect on things in your life that are no longer serving you. When you know what that is, take 3 deep breaths with those thoughts and feelings in mind and exhale with a loud HAAA sound and cleanse your body from those feelings. Really feel like you are ready and willing to let that stuff GO!

Now, think of what you would like to replace those feelings with. When you are ready, hold your mala in your hands and place the mala to the heart chakra and inhale 3 times the positive thoughts, affirmations, visions, dreams that you have for yourself and your life. What are you ready to open your heart to? Be Clear! And YES, you deserve it! Now, exhale and just allow the breath to shower your whole body with peace and vitality. Take a few moments in meditation and try feel the sense that you have already achieved those dreams and they have come to fruition. Notice the feelings of being more relaxed/grounded and allow that pure love to wash over you. Every time you wear or meditate with your mala, honor yourself. This life is not easy. Honor your own unique journey is this world. It is a chance to be kind and loving to yourself and to rejoice in your beauty and light! Love yourself unconditionally.

Japa Meditation:

Using the mala for prayer. Sit comfortably and place a bead closest to tassel between your thumb and forefinger. Think of a prayer/mantra or affirmation and recite internally and move thumb and forefinger to the next bead, recite the prayer and so forth until you repeat that prayer 108 times. You can also place mala into your hands for meditation or lay on your chakras in a reclined pose. I love to place my mala on different areas of the body that need extra love and attention. I also like to place on the body in restorative yoga postures. I also place mine on my altar with intentions of what I am needing in my life or just to simply energize. *If you would like to make an altar, please let me know and can send you information.

Mala Care:

Mala’s will wear down faster when swimming in pools or ocean, if you sleep with it on or if gets pulled on or caught on something. If your mala breaks, don’t worry, just send back to me and for $40, I will redo your mala.

Mala’s are fragile just like our life. Treat it with care. I like to wear on the inside of my clothing, tucked into my bra. I like to have the beads close to my skin for optimal healing power!

~Enjoy and wear with so much Aloha and know that You Are Divine!


“You Are The Jewel Within The Lotus”


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