Keiki Yoga with Darcie Peck on Oahu, Hawaii

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Keiki Yoga: Yoga Motion Curriculum
Yoga Motion integrates yoga asana or stretching and strengthening postures with a mindfulness curriculum developed by Darcie Peck. These class sessions are designed to increase children’s self-esteem, awareness, coordination, patience and concentration. Children will learn how to warm up their bodies properly with exercises that emphasize breath work, flexibility and strength. They will experience many different yoga styles and movements that will further self-expression and creativity and we will be using meditation in movement props (flow arts) such as poi balls, hula hoops and fun yogic games to challenge the mind. We will also explore yogic philosophy, learning from the foundations of the 8 limbs of yoga (right action, asana, pranayama, relaxation techniques and meditation). Yoga Motion will improve stress reduction, aid injury prevention, and enhance your child's overall performance in school, sports and life. Come experience a fun and active class that will center your child and give them the tools to move through life with grace and ease. Namaste!

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YOGA MOtion for Kids



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