​​~Current Yoga Schedule~

Private or Group Yoga Instruction for All Ages 

*Health Coaching
*Yoga & Art With Children

*Yoga Nidra, Sound Healing, Meditation

*Essential Oil Classes


Please Schedule with Darcie

Yoga Classes at Surf Hawaii Surf School guided by Darcie
Haleiwa, Hawaii

Keiki Yoga at the North Shore Yoga Co-Op
Waialua, Hawaii
Mondays 3:30-4:30pm (4-7yrs) & Thursdays 4-5pm (8-13yrs) starting June 2022

Summer 2022 Yoga, Farming and Art Camp for Kids

Waihuena Farms

Haliewa, Hawaii

Register with Mele at Waihuena Farms

Keiki 4.5-10 two groups with 7max
Tues/Thurs, 9-2 
June 21,23, 28,30 July 5,7, 12,14
$320 8 days, or $50 drop in
Come play, learn, explore the farm, practice yoga, mindfulness, journaling, create art and fun!

Waihuena Farm‘s mission is to grow food and a place for peace, health and wellness. We are looking forward to building on last summer’s experience and excited to introduce Darcie Peck and Molly Perry as our leaders.

Daily Schedule
Littles w/Darcie- yoga, art, story time, educational games, flow arts (hula hoops, jump ropes), building with manipulatives, creative movement (dance, qigong), meditation/relaxation/breathing, food/nutrition
Big kids w/Molly- farm explorations, environmental science, journalism, games on back-field

Lunch together

Littles w/Molly- nature observing and gathering, shelter-theme curriculum, games on back-field
Big kids w/Darcie, yoga, art, journaling, astrology, creative movement, flow arts, meditation/relaxation/ breathing, food/nutrition