Darcie Peck is the owner and founder of Wind River Yoga and the author of the
book, “Teaching Youth Yoga; A Yoga Mindfulness Curriculum for Kids." Darcie
considers herself blessed to have studied under the tutelage of world-renowned
teachers and healers and is inspired to be in service to aid others in their own
transformative journeys.

Teaching yoga and working with children has been an integral part of Darcie's life.
She is a compassionate instructor who guides all ages and abilities through an
experience of remembering their true and authentic self. Her empathic nature, big
heart and ability to connect intuitively with her students allows a genuine peace to
pervade in every class. She is forever humbled to be on the yogic path and one her
missions in life is to ensure every child knows their beauty, self-worth and their
power to dream big. Darcie holds yoga empowerment classes, workshops, camps
and wellness retreats abroad and on the beautiful island of Oahu. 

Teaching Youth Yoga; A Yoga Mindfulness Curriculum for Kids and Wisdom for All Ages

Book Description:
"Teaching Youth Yoga" is an informative manual for teachers, yoga instructors,
educators, parents, and caregivers. Author Darcie Peck draws on twenty-five years
of experience teaching yoga to create a curriculum for anyone wishing to bring
yoga, mindfulness and meditation into their families, relationships, schools, and
classrooms. This insightful manual looks at various aspects of children's well-being
through resources drawn from Yoga philosophy, Ayurveda, Hinduism, Buddhism,
Chinese and Western Medicine. To aid in the journey, this curriculum provides
tools through movement, breath and art therapy focusing on children's social and
emotional development as well as their mental and physical health. These practices
are essential for creating courageous, happy, centered, motivated, and independent
children. Most importantly, this book is for all ages because it reminds us all how
to move through life with grace and ease. If you love working with children and
wish to share the magic of yoga, this book is for you!